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Monday, July 18, 2016

July 2016

Where to begin?  Yes it has been a long time since my last post.  Ten months to be exact.

The butterflies I have been working on took a back seat last fall when I started a new piece with a vintage hankie.  The design process took quite a bit of time then the quilting took another two months.  I didn't get it finished for the Folsom guilt show so entered the Something Old is New Again as well as the Rain Lotus.  That one was an orphan block I decided to do.  Both got first place ribbons in Feb.

March began our life change.  Dear Hubby had prostate surgery on March 11.  Happy 54th anniversary to us.  That was in California. The same day my father-in-law went in the hospital in Missouri.  This we didn't find out for a week.  Soooo to make a very long story short.  Here we are in Missouri with the father-in-law caring for him. 

We arrived on April 3 and have spent all the time since cleaning his home removing his so called care taker and getting his health back up. 

Day before yesterday I finally got a space cleared off for my sewing machine.  I am having quilting withdrawals. 

So here is a little eye candy of the last two pieces.  The white one is the vintage hankie on white Radience by Robert Kauffman 50% silk 50% Cotton.  quilted with white and grey 100 wt. silk and Superior Thread's grey Masterpiece with 100% wool batting, and cotton backing.  Since it was finished just before our life style change it hasn't been shown yet.

As with most of my recent work the beading on both pieces took some time.  The hankie has two sizes of pale pink crystal beads for flower centers.  The Rain Lotus has two different clear crystal beads and some bobbin work.  The diagonal quilting is done with silver metallic thread and small crystal beads, the the vertical rain is heavy silver thread bobbin work with large crystal beads at the end of each .  Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration in these pieces.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22

And here it is almost the end of September already.

Mostly this month has been devoted to designing new patterns.  The first four are finished, printed and ready to ship.

Jewels on the Wind Butterflies will feature ten butterfly blocks and one flower block for the center.  Here are the first four.

Thanks to Linda for the inspiration and Mary Kay for help in color selection.

Next up is a quilt show the first weekend in Oct. so must get busy with that as well. 

The new patterns go up on the new web site next. So until next time 

Hugs to all.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015

Another busy week has gone by with some progress.  Yesterday I actually got four (count them 4) things actually accomplished.  I paid bills, went to the grocery store, downloaded two audio books from the library for our evening entertainment, then finished my pillow for August and made the insert to go in it.

Add to that this week I finished another of my quilt guild BOM blocks. Yep still behind three, but did get the latest one drafted up and sent off to some of the other members. 

Then I made mug rugs.  These are out of scrap trimmings from a pillow and a design test for another wall hanging I am contemplating.  I made the pink ones larger because some people use the large drink coolers instead of just a cup.
Check out the pillow talk tab above to see this month's pillow, and the web site tab to see the latest additions on the new web page.

Please have a great day.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9, 2015

Wow July just flew by without me even noticing it. 

I have been buried in things to do and I'm still not caught up.

The first of July I spent a week with my mom in Missouri.  At least it was a productive week, I got to see three of my four children a couple of my grandchildren and worked on paperwork for mom.  She is 94 now and pretty much can't see.  Otherwise she is doing well.

Once I got home I have been buried.  I had two weeks to make a decision on my web site, and decided I needed a new one.  That learning curve is pretty steep but the new site is now up.  There is still a lot to do, but you can now go and see.  Any comments are welcome.  Just click on the tab above to go and take a look.  Also until I have everything loaded there is free shipping on everything.

I am a month behind on my FMQ pillow for July, although I am making some progress there.  I hope to finish that this coming week.

Then I am three months behind on the guild BOM.  Started but not anywhere near finished.

So what else have I been up to you might ask?  The answer is below.  Three custom pieces for a customer that really likes to quilt but not applique.  So I do the applique send them to her and she quilts and frames them.

Last but not least I finally got my pegboard organized.  You know one of those projects you are going to do someday.  Here is the finished project the before was not pretty. 
Well off to work more on the web site, my July pillow, and BOM blocks.

Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015

Today I finally finished a pattern inventory so now maybe I can find what I need.

Earlier I finished a piece for a friend .  The center is a piece of cotton sateen that worked up really well.  The knot work is a poly deco thread with the background done in #100 kimono silk, outlined in gold metallic and beads, lots of beads.

Diane Gadinsky's celtic circles really set it all off even though each one is a start and stop.

Next week I am off to visit my 94 year old mom.  She keeps perking along.  So I plan on taking at least one of the BOM projects along.  That is if I get it traced off.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Contest Results

Am I on Cloud 9?  You bet I am.  Yesterday I got the ribbons, and judge's comments back from the Smoky Mountain Quilters on the quilt I entered.  THIRD PLACE in the Art Quilt Catagory and, a ribbon for Surface Embellishment.

Today the quilt came back in as good a shape as it went.  Well it needs to hang a day or two from being rolled up so tightly, but no damages.

Competition was pretty stiff too.  Authors of books and winners of some major contests, WOW.

The pictures of the show winners are not up on the guild site yet tho.  Just a listing of winners.

Well off to peel labels off the mailing tube so I can send it off to Indiana in a couple of weeks.

Enjoy the pic. below the Surface Embellishment rosette is fantastic, quilted and beaded.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17, 2015

And another month has gone by.  I finished my BOM in time for our guild meeting this month.  Here is the finished one for April
Haven't started the one for May yet but will use the same colors.

The new pillow for May is posted above under the Pillow Talk tab.  Each month has been very fun and challenging. is hosting the monthly pillow challenges come join.

Next up is a cuddle quilt for the guild.  The one I had for last month needed larger batting than I had on hand so it went back unfinished and I picked up another one that is really cute for a baby.  Will post that picture when it is finished.  Right now it is still on the cutting table ready to sandwich.

Until next time quilt to your heart's content.