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Monday, July 18, 2016

July 2016

Where to begin?  Yes it has been a long time since my last post.  Ten months to be exact.

The butterflies I have been working on took a back seat last fall when I started a new piece with a vintage hankie.  The design process took quite a bit of time then the quilting took another two months.  I didn't get it finished for the Folsom guilt show so entered the Something Old is New Again as well as the Rain Lotus.  That one was an orphan block I decided to do.  Both got first place ribbons in Feb.

March began our life change.  Dear Hubby had prostate surgery on March 11.  Happy 54th anniversary to us.  That was in California. The same day my father-in-law went in the hospital in Missouri.  This we didn't find out for a week.  Soooo to make a very long story short.  Here we are in Missouri with the father-in-law caring for him. 

We arrived on April 3 and have spent all the time since cleaning his home removing his so called care taker and getting his health back up. 

Day before yesterday I finally got a space cleared off for my sewing machine.  I am having quilting withdrawals. 

So here is a little eye candy of the last two pieces.  The white one is the vintage hankie on white Radience by Robert Kauffman 50% silk 50% Cotton.  quilted with white and grey 100 wt. silk and Superior Thread's grey Masterpiece with 100% wool batting, and cotton backing.  Since it was finished just before our life style change it hasn't been shown yet.

As with most of my recent work the beading on both pieces took some time.  The hankie has two sizes of pale pink crystal beads for flower centers.  The Rain Lotus has two different clear crystal beads and some bobbin work.  The diagonal quilting is done with silver metallic thread and small crystal beads, the the vertical rain is heavy silver thread bobbin work with large crystal beads at the end of each .  Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration in these pieces.


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